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I’m a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) Wellness Coach, Motherhood and Lifestyle Trainer and an Intentional Parenting Advocate.
I’m on a mission to help Stay At Home Mums to discover their FULL Potentials while raising Well Grounded Children and securing the BAG along the way.
An Early Years Practitioner Turned Entrepreneur
Glad to be among you..🤗
Compliments of the season to you and your family..🎅💞
My Beautiful Africa is a Travel Tech company dedicated to using technology to drive travel and tourism in Africa..Our vision is to drive the positive side of Africa in culture,heritage and travel through the deployment of Technology.Our business model is designed exclusively for a lifestyle community with interest in African themed clothing and vacations.
Our aspiration is to be able to use Technology to create lovely travel experiences that would interest the savvy traveller to come to the Continent of Africa. We are also organisers of the Tourism and Technology Summit in Lagos Nigeria a platform that focuses on how technology is enabling travel and tourism in Africa.